Medical Incidents

Days of Experience

We know Parks. We know Medicine.


Because where you’re going, there is no doctor.

Our job is to figure out how best to look after the people looking after our world’s Parks.  Right in those Parks.  It’s what we can contribute to the most important work on earth.

Dr Simon King

Co-founder, ParkDoctor

Park.Doctor supports the Medical Strategic Targets framework for responsible tourism to the world’s protected areas – our Parks.







We’re bringing together tourism operators, travellers, agents, medical providers and people who work in Parks.





Our vision is tourism where no one comes to harm due to lack of medical capability, even where there is no doctor.





Our Framework is based on three key strategic goals:

Supporting camp staff

Effective medical skills

Properly prepared camps

Assistance before the Assistance Company

Medics before the Paramedics arrive

The Plan before you need a Plan