As described on their website,

The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of universities, NGOs, and other partners committed to advancing planetary health — an interdisciplinary field focused on characterizing the human health impacts of human-caused disruptions of Earth’s natural systems.

They go on to summarise humanity’s impact on the earth, our changing environment, and its impact on our health. The work of the Planetary Health Alliance is to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations on a large scale to understand and react to these environmental changes that are so closely linked to our health. They also focus on action and education. Doctors and health professionals interested in planetary health will find the website hugely informative. In particular, their Clinicians for Planetary Health movement calls for clinicians to contribute to the planetary health arena, and provides several options for doing so, including signing the WONCA declaration for family doctors discussed elsewhere on this site. They also have an excellent Resources section, where interested health professionals can find out more about planetary health across various thematic areas. 

Visit the website: The Planetary Health Alliance