A Medscape article entitled Physicians Starting to Claim Climate Change is ‘In My Lane’ gives several examples of individual physicians who are starting to recognise the impact of the environment, and its deterioration, on their patients’ health, and who have taken action as a result. From the founding of a group of clinicians, to a consortium, and an annual conference, the stories are illustrations of the ways doctors can lead reform in this area. The article says:

All are in agreement about the scope of the crisis and the devastating health effects of climate change, which will continue to rise if sweeping action is not taken. And all see that this is not a problem of the future, but a problem of now.

The article lists the environmental changes that doctors can expect to exert health effects on patients now and in the future: Toxic air quality, Extreme temperatures, Extreme weather events, Infectious diseases, Mental health. But it also points out that this challenges offer a ream of opportunities for doctors. 

Park.Doctor provides several ways for any individual doctor or health professional to do something about the environmental crisis, by contributing to the health of our planet’s parks and the people in them. Get in touch with us to find out how you can help with everything from donations to volunteering in parks.


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