Next time you go to a National Park and appreciate the splendour of a wild place, remember that you can do that because that area, and all species in it, are protected by law and there are people willing to enforce that law – even at great personal cost.  

Rangers are the unsung heroes of the Wilderness.  People we need, doing a job that takes years to master, and people we lose, at a rate of 100 per year.  Without Rangers there will be no protected areas.  Without protected areas we lose vital natural assets – an unimaginable loss for a planet under unprecedented stress.

“The largest every survey on wildlife rangers unearths a severe lack of basic healthcare, training and equipment.” 

This headline was posted 9 October 2018 by the WWF, ahead of the London Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference.
We can change this.  
There are more than enough medical professionals in the world to adequately care for every Ranger on Earth.  Park Doctor is launching the largest coordinated service delivery effort ever undertaken in this sector.  Volunteer time and donated goods and services are being solicited for delivery to the Ranger community where and how they will make the most impact.  

If you’re a medical professional and would like to contribute something to those on the front lines of the defence of our planet, contact us on or visit  We know a few thousand heroes who would welcome your support.