The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is a mountain bike race taking place over four days and through wilderness areas in countries including Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Participants cover an average of 80kms per day in tough terrain amidst wildlife and sweeping views of Africa. The race acts as one of the major fundraisers for Children in the Wilderness (CITW) a charity focused on leadership development of children in wilderness areas.  

For the past three years, Park Doctor has assisted the tour by placing volunteer medical students and doctors as part of the crew supporting the cyclists. We have trained both the volunteer medical team and the cyclist leaders in Parks Medicine techniques, and assisted with equipment and medications used on the tour.  From 2020, Park Doctor will lead the Tour’s efforts in medical planning, preparation, on-site response and support.   

This work is an excellent example of medicine and conservation working together. By assisting with the Tour we have given UK doctors a chance to experience pristine Wilderness in several Protected Areas. They have gained wilderness medicine skills and had a pragmatic outlet for using their medical knowledge in conservation areas. But it also acts as a direct contributor to conservation through the support of CITW. By using volunteer Park Doctors and expertise, the tour not only happens safely, but the costs saved mean  that more funds can go into the CITW projects working with children in Parks communities. 


“We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge one additional factor that made this year’s Nedbank Tour de Tuli such a success: the generosity of your support. We’re happy to report that your investment in the Nedbank Tour de Tuli has delivered very real returns in terms of expanding the reach of the Children in the Wilderness environmental education programme. Your contribution is making a lasting difference to the lives of children living alongside wilderness areas. ”    TOUR DE TULI THANK YOU LETTER

This collaboration with conservation creates future Parks champions out of both the doctors and the community children – a medical and conservation success story.


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