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From the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Marseille, Sept 2021

Meeting in a mixture of in-person and virtual sessions, amidst the backdrop of a world struggling to emerge from a global pandemic, IUCN members from diverse organisations in 170 countries around the world, discussed the problems we face and a vision for the future in September this year.

Arising as a key theme, was the recognition of the ‘irreplaceable potential of nature-derived health services to individuals and society’.

This reality, that ‘Nature is Good Medicine’ addresses both the needs of Nature and the needs of Humanity.  This is a profoundly synergistic vision, we look after natural ecosystems, so that they can look after us.  

This eloquently answers concerns that conservation may seek to pit Nature against Humanity.  It applies equally to all human cultures and countries.  We all seek wellbeing.  We all value Health.  It is the concept around which we can all find common ground.

The call to action is clear.  What we need now, is know-how.  We need professionals from health and conservation working together across sectors and involving others from enabling fields like tourism, recreation, education and finance.  We need to explore this unique and irreplaceable potential, finding out how to most effectively use it, whilst we still can.  

This call is perhaps loudest to doctors.  Conservation and Eco-tourism do not have the innate health related competencies that medical professionals do.  Doctors can add relevant insight at the most fundamental level in this work – what Health is and looks like when we use it to guide project design.

This is a call for all health professionals to get conversant with the Nature is Good Medicine framework, understand the issues and potentials, start dialogue with peers in conservation and seek to find ways to get involved.  There are nearly 50 million healthcare workers on the planet, that’s enough to be a powerful ally to conservation, but only if we are informed and competent working at this intersection of disciplines.

If you’re medical and you’d like to know how to get involved, or how to learn more, contact us.  

Read the Call to Action