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Healthcare Practitioners for On-site Deployment in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana

 Job Brief

As on-site healthcare practitioner you will be responsible for all aspects of the wellbeing and medical safety of the staff and guests at these Wilderness Safaris locations. You will be the medical lead on site and a resource to senior managers as well as an advocate for staff health. You will be expected to take initiative, devise medical programs within approved budget, maintain stock, run health programs and consult with patients (both staff and guests, including foreign international guests). You will practice independently in both the primary and emergency context, but within the guidance of Wilderness Safaris’ medical frameworks and under the policy guidance of their medical advisors. You will have access to doctors for tele-medical consults and be expected to facilitate these as required. You will keep data and reports, ensure privacy laws are adhered to and will provide reporting to the risk management process.  

You will work on-site (see locations below) in a 3 month on, 1 month off shift basis and interfacing with a relief practitioner during leave cycles. Board and lodging as well as transport from the nearest major town to camp will be provided. You will work as an independent consultant, via Park Doctor as the medical agency.

You should be a qualified Nurse or Emergency Care Practitioner in the country of location, and currently registered with the appropriate healthcare authority as an independent practitioner. You will have adequate experience practicing independently and experience in occupational health will be an advantage. Experience in the safari tourism context and an enthusiasm for conservation will be considered advantages.

  • Running and Monitoring all COVID-19 special policies including:
  • Actioning all COVID-19 screening activities and ensuring company COVID-19 policies are adhered to.
  • Supervising isolation and monitoring of COVID-19 patients.
  • Performing COVID-19 testing and arranging consultations with doctors as required.
  • Perform a Primary Healthcare role to maximise productivity and increase staff morale and wellbeing, including:
  • Assessment of symptomatic individuals, including risk assessment in consultation with a doctor when necessary.
  • Management of minor illnesses on site.
  • Diagnosis and management of chronic illnesses in staff, monitoring and engaging in education and other interventions to minimise acute exacerbations.
  • Act as a resource for the comfort of guests and to help treat minor ailments and injuries.
  • Be involved in delivering pro-active wellbeing activities for staff.
  • Maintain confidential health records.
  • Maintain inventory and manage stock of medicines and medical supplies and equipment.
  • Be the on-site leader in emergency medical events, assisted by trained camp staff and guides, including:
  • Immediate on-scene management of injuries and acute illness.
  • Tele-medical consultations with emergency doctors.
  • Facilitate preparations for evacuation.
  • Monitor and treat patients while awaiting evacuation.
  • Assist with training, equipment and readiness for emergency medical events.
  • Manage Occupational Health issues on site including:
  • Liaising with human resource and line managers pertaining to incapacity from work due to medical reasons.
  • Running education and awareness sessions on occupational health and law.
  • Investigating potential malingering.
  • Providing information relevant to employment potential and job fitness.
  • Acting as specialist resource to clarify medical issues during employer-employee negotiations. 
  • Qualification as a Nurse or Emergency Care Practitioner.
  • Registered as an independent healthcare practitioner with the in-country health authority.
  • Be able to prescribe medication within a typical primary health formulary.
  • A minimum of two years’ practical clinical experience in primary healthcare and emergency medicine.
  • Willingness to live on-site in a remote location for periods of up to six weeks.
  • Be willing to practice independently, leading the medical efforts on-site, but also be able to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Excellent spoken and written English.
  • Ability to work well with both staff and management.
  • Computer literacy to allow for electronic medical record keeping.
  • The following would be considered assets to any candidate applying:
      • Occupational Health experience or qualification.
      • Knowledge of the local African language.
      • Knowledge of remote/telemedical skills.
      • Knowledge of or experience in tourism or hospitality.
      • Passion for conservation and wilderness areas.


We are currently looking for Healthcare Practitioners who will be based at the following Wilderness Safaris Locations:


One Nurse Practitioner or Emergency Care Practitioner to be based at the staff village at Linkwasha. You will be responsible for three camps in the concession: Davisons, Linkwasha and Little Makololo.

Practitioner will have their own accommodation, food, uniform and transport in and out of the concession will be covered by the company

Start Date: 1 June




One Nurse Practitioner or Emergency Care Practitioner to be based in the Torra Conservancy. You will be responsible for three camps in the concession: Desert Rhino Lodge, Damaraland and !DoroNawas.

 Nurse will have their own accommodation, food, uniform and transport in and out of the concession will be covered by the company.

Start Date: 1 June



Three Nurse Practitioners or Emergency Care Practitioners are required, one to be based in the Linyanti concession, with the other two in the Okavango Delta.  

Nurses will have their own accommodation, food, uniform and transport (by air) in and out of the concession will be covered by the company.

Start Date: 1 June


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